Web Dev: Day One

by Aaron Nolan

So today I just threw some simple code together to get a start on the foundation of the website. I decided on having a vertical navigation pane, I think these look really nice one websites when implemented correctly, but since I’m going to be making this website mobile compatible too, I’ll need to change it to a top bar as I think a vertical linear design is much more suited to a mobile view.


I’m unsure whether I’m happy with the colour scheme yet but I think the greys complement each other nicely. And I quite like the blue when the links are hovered over, but I plan on making these look like proper buttons in the future, but right now I’m happy with keeping them simple while I get the site up and running. I centered the navigation links using a handy little trick I found on Sebastian Ekström‘s webpage. Using only 3 lines of CSS you can center any element you like.

Before I go any further adding more content I plan to make the site more responsive. I’m happy so far with how the sidebar changes size but I need to make the text respond to different sized screens.